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Green Councillors 

Julie Tucker

Evesham South

Town Councillor

"the greens are the future"

Julie is active in the Community all year-around & Chair of the Evesham Town Plan Committee.

Julie has been involved in the Green Party from the early days when it was the "Ecology Party" and was one of the founders of the Evesham Green Party (now expanded to Mid-Worcestershire & The Vale Green Party).

Julie is an active member of the community and champions good causes, including setting up a water refill scheme in Evesham to reduce plastic waste and save people money.

Julie was elected as Town Councillor in 2017 and has been working hard within the Council and knocking on doors around Evesham South to help with the local issues that residents have.  

Julie says:  "The Green Party fight for the world they envisage from a peaceful world without nuclear weapons, restoring the world's environment to ending poverty.  as they are only party taking climate issues really seriously.  The Greens are the future and that is why the policies we have been fighting for, for many years, are being adopted by other political parties when we have brought them to the mainstream.

Colin Tether

Evesham Town Councillor

"only party taking climate issues really seriously"

Colin is now Chair of the Evesham Town Plan Committee.

Colin joined the Green Party in 2015.  Shortly after he stood for election and became Town Councillor for the Twyford ward of Evesham Town and has now served two years.   

Colin says:  "I joined the Green Party as they are only party taking climate issues really seriously.  I want to do all I can to cut down pollution and to make people's lives, and our children's lives better.  This includes serious measures to reduce of use of cars, and offering attractive alternatives, walking, cycling and public transport.  Evesham at the moment is sadly a good example of a poor system with little provision for alternative transport and with daily delay, queues and pollution.  We can and must do better."

Colin is married and lives in Evesham with his wife and daughter.  He loves boats, running, and cycling.  He supports Cycle Evesham Vale, especially the monthly 'Social Rides'.

Colin adds "There is really nothing better on a sunny day than a cycle ride through our wonderful countryside with a group of friends.  Everyone should try it as its makes us happy and healthy."

Norbert Tucker

Evesham Town Councillor

& Party Treasurer

"We have to defend our planet"


Norbert started the local Green Party with Julie and was the first Green Councillor in our area.

Norbert started the local Green Party with his wife Julie Tucker because of their love of protecting our environment. 

Norbert became the first Green Councillor and has been representing the Green Party in the Bengeworth Ward for many years.

Norbert has enjoyed seeing the rise of the local party and as Treasurer ensures that the pennies and pounds are accounted for.

Julie and Norbert have launched a 'Refill' scheme in Evesham and have been signing businesses up to the scheme to ensure that people can refill their bottles with water; whilst it encourages people to visit shops and cafes in the town centre.

Green Team

Neil Franks


Meeting Caroline Lucas has been a massive highlight of being a Green

if fighting for a decent, fair, happy and sustainable future for my children makes me a loony, then it's a badge i will wear with pride!

Neil joined the Green Party in December 2014.  He attended his first meeting in January 2015, where he volunteered to be the Parliamentary Candidate for the 2015 General Election.

Neil's thoughts post election: "It was crazy, the whole Green Party was growing massively in a very short space of time. None of us knew how to fight an election, but we all came together, got stuck in and did a great job considering the lack of knowledge, resources and financing. I was genuinely proud of my 1933 votes, equating to 3.70% of the vote.  I have forged friendships with some of the most amazing people.

Since then I became the Coordinator (our term for "Chairperson") where we have been learning and getting to know our communities.

We are building on this result with a growing membership, gaining experience of how to fight elections and frankly having fun (even given the dark times we find ourselves in).

Outside the Green Party, I am the father of two wonderful children and run my own business where I employ four colleagues; who are great as they put up with my political rantings.

Patrick Hogan

Strategy Officer

Patrick is helping us to plan ahead...

"Green Party offered the clearest and most authentic message as to how genuine improvements and benefits can be achieved for society."

Patrick joined the Green Party in 2016 in response to the feeling that he "ought to be doing something about it" and being convinced that the Green Party offered the clearest and most authentic message as to how genuine improvements and benefits can be achieved for society. He has taken on the role of strategy officer for the local party as a means to support the group and make best use of national resource to guide local activities.


Patrick and his wife Nicky live in Honeybourne near Evesham, and are big supporters of wildlife and the environment in which the wildlife lives. Patrick is a technology and music geek in equal measures, working professionally with the former and making a lot of trumpet-based noise with the latter.

Sarah Cohen

Membership Officer

Ed Cohen

Elections Agent

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