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The Environment

Air Pollution

A bold and realistic plan to end air pollution that is prematurely killing around 40,000 people every single year.

Low air pollution plans around schools to protect our children.

Air Pollution also makes other health conditions worse than they would be. Altogether this costs the Economy & the NHS TENS of BILLIONS of Pounds.


Existing housing to be fully insulated and fitted with energy-efficiency and renewable devices by local energy cooperatives. Saving people hundreds of pounds on their energy bills.

This would pay itself off by creating jobs in the local economy and result in increased tax income.

Support for local, organic food

Provide support to the farming sector, so they can transition to more organic farming practices; as well as help them to further develop local markets.

A million green jobs

We need massive help to transform our society to reduce energy; change to an ‘electricity-based society’ and power it from local, clean and renewable energy.

Other jobs in reforestation, recycling, climate change adaption as well as research & development… and many, many more.

Open Spaces

Every person should have access to green open spaces to aid exercise and support a stress-free well-being.

Protect our Environment & increase biodiversity

We are completely reliant on our environment and we have to protect it at all levels. The Green Party has the policies to protect it at all levels in order to ensure this generation and future generations have the resources to lead sustainable lifestyles.

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