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"Magic Money Trees"

Neil Franks explains how we would pay for our policies...

Hello!  My name is Neil Franks and I wanted to talk to you about how we pay for our policies.


I often hear "Green Party policies sound great, but seriously, do you lot think money grows on trees?".


In truth, I have heard a lot worse!  Therefore I thought I would try to provide some understanding of how we look at the economics.


Initially here is a list of how we would raise income for our pledges:

  • Investment on a massive scale where it makes sense! Huge savings to be made!

  • Making Multi-national Corporations pay the same Corporation Tax that British Businesses pay

  • Corporation Tax increased for larger firms

  • Ending financial access to Tax Havens without paying proper taxes

  • Taxes increased for the richest in society

  • Tax Loopholes to be closed

  • Ending the 'Non-Dom' tax status

  • Ending the abusive 'Trust' system to avoid inheritence Tax

  • HMRC Properly funded and NO sweetheart deals

  • Scrapping wasteful projects, such as HS2, Trident & Hinkley Nuclear Plant

  • Financial Tax ("Robin Hood Tax")

  • Land Valuation Tax

  • Reduction of Tax Relief on Pensions

  • Tax Rate of Income increased from 45% to 60% for salaries beyond £150,000


Once the election is over, I will be explain each one in more detail, the reasoning and the amounts. In the meantime, our 2015 Manifesto provides the figures.

The Green Party 2015 Election Manifesto provides the figures 

Download by clicking on the PDF icon

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