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Green Party

Our history starts in 1979 when Julie & Norbert Tucker started the Evesham Ecology Party. This later became the Evesham Green Party and at at one time had around a dozen members.

The Evesham Green Party came to represent the Green Party for the whole of Wychavon and concentrated on the constituency of Mid-Worcestershire. Norbert Tucker also became our first Green Councillor where he became an Evesham Town Councillor (Bengeworth Ward).

In 2010, the Green Party stood for the first time in Mid-Worcestershire with Gordon Matthews bravely stepping forward and achieving 593 votes, equating to 1.20% of the vote.

In 2014, the Green Party was starting to see real growth in its membership numbers nationally and this was reflected locally as well. Members started to get organised and started to meet monthly around September 2014 with the aim to have a candidate in the 2015 election and run a campaign around this.

At the beginning of 2015 Neil Franks turned up at his first meeting and went forward as the General Election candidate. Neil achieved 1,933 votes equating to 3.70% of the vote, matching the Green Party nationally. At the same time we fielded candidates in a large number of district council elections. Whilst we didn't win any of the those seats (though we did achieve some high percentages) we managed to get our second Green Evesham Town Councillor, Colin Tether representing the Twyford Ward.

Since then, the party has been developing, learning to fight elections and connecting with our communities. We also took the decision to rename ourselves the 'Mid-Worcestershire & The Vale Green Party' to better represent the area that we cover.

In May 2017, for the first ever time, we fielded candidates in all 12 County Council seats in our area, along with candidates in two district by-elections and two Evesham Town Council by-elections. Our breakthrough came with Julie Tucker winning our third Evesham Town Council seat.

With the June 2017 snap General Election upon us, the amazing Fay Whitfield has stepped forward to represent us.  We achieve 2.50% of the vote, which beat the Green Party nationally.

We are a very friendly group and love to chat about the many ways in which we want to change the country and our local communities for the better. 

We are gearing up for the 2019 District Council elections and welcome any help.

If you have any queries, then please feel free to contact us.

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