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Greens are an anchor point

The Greens are an anchor in politics and do not compromise their principles for a sniff of power. We fight on a "shoe-string" budget because we don't accept donations from tax-dodging corporations and pro-fracking unions; instead we rely on members fees and donations to keep us afloat.

We are the only party to truly understand that the environment has to be looked after as our society is completely reliant on a healthy environment and that our economy is reliant on both a healthy environment and a healthy population.

We therefore have many policies aimed at restoring the earth to the balance it had before humans started to interfere with it. Obviously that will never truly be accomplished, but we can get very close and within the boundaries of one-planet living. Such policies include massively increasing biodiversity through planting in built up areas and reforestation. We would instigate a massive scheme known as the 'New Green Deal' which would be to invest in houses being insulated (

Our social p

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