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The Green Party

The Green Party is naturally seen as an Environmental Party and whilst we are extremely proud of the way we seek to protect the planet we live on; we are concerned with all aspects of society.

We see the world for what it is and also for what it could be. We aren't afraid to create policies about what the world should be like, even if it seems a distant dream, e.g. a nuclear weapon free world. We then seek to encourage others to share our goals, so that public momentum creates the change to a fair, safe and sustainable world.

It's also an international movement with Green Parties all over the world, all growing slowly, though in Norway and the Netherlands, they have seen large growth recently. Even in Russia, India, France, the United States of America and Pakistan; all of whom are nuclear powers. Therefore once we grow and can exert influence, we can seek the end of nuclear weapons to create a more positive future for our children and future generations.

In the UK, there is one Green Party which covers England & Wales; another for Scotland and one for Northern Ireland. We all follow the same guiding principals, but are completely separate and therefore have their own policies. This website follows the policies of the Green Party of England & Wales (GPEW).

Our policies are evidence-based, sometimes complex, sometimes stepping stones, sometimes long-term radical ideas and need to be seen in context with our other policies.

PLEASE ask us if there is a Green policy position you are unsure about.

The Green Party's policies are based on the simple premise that we need need our environment for all our needs, e.g. water, air, food, warmth & shelter. If we contaminate our food, air and water, then it is going to affect our health; and if we use more resources than the earth can replenish, then it will lead to conflict, misery and death.

Of course, once you get past the basics, it starts to get a lot more complicated, which is why we have so many experts working right across the environmental sector. From limiting the damage of development, understanding the serious issues that humanity faces to making the "on the ground" improvements to set things right.

Our policies create the basis of reducing our impact to as little as possible, so that we can have a lifestyle that is comfortable and a life that is fulfilling, whilst using little in the way of resources and producing little in the way of emissions. 

It is also vitally important that we make clear our policies believe in fairness, human rights, kindness, understanding and education; in order to create a society where everyone is treated like a human being and people understand that each individual is that... an individual who contributes to society in their own unique way.

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