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to the Mid-Worcestershire & The Vale Green Party website, which we have set-up in order to provide a true reflection of who we are and what we stand for.

We don't expect everyone to agree with all our policies, but at least this website will provide you with a better understanding of us and our policies; so that at least reasonable debate can happen.

We are a growing party and are always happy to engage with people.

Overtime we will be building the website to include more content, so please follow us on twitter and facebook, so we can keep you updated.

If you have read about us in the main stream media, then you will likely find that we have been misrepresented.


The Green Party is often painted as "loonies", "unrealistic", "living in fantasy land" and on and on. All nonsense of course, as we are a party that deals in facts, which means that many of our policies take some explaining and/or need to be seen in conjunction with other policies.


In time, as we build the website and our messaging, you will see that our policies are realistic, well thought out, fair, costed and very much achievable!

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