October 28th 2021
Evesham Town Council Bi-Elections

There are vacant seats being contested in Twyford Ward and Avon Ward.

In Twyford Ward,

the Green Party candidate is

Peter Knight

"I am a Black Country boy, born and raised in Halesowen and Stourbridge. I have worked as a teacher; manager of a day centre for disabled young adults; prison chaplain; and, for 27 years, an Anglican parish priest.  I retired to Evesham in 2017 and now assist in this parish; serve as a trustee of Holland House Retreat Centre in Cropthorne; and am a Digital Champion in Evesham Library.

"I believe in

  • Democracy

  • Fair and equal treatment of all people, whatever their race, nationality, gender, sexuality, creed or ability

  • Doing everything possible to reverse the effects of climate change and secure an environmentally responsible way of living for future generations.


"All these things are important at every level of government, from Town Council to the Houses of Parliament, and we expect those who are elected to work together to serve everyone in their local community.

"To the people of Twyford Ward: 'If you elect me as your councillor, I would expect to work for you and with you. To this end, I will strive to listen and communicate. Things change for the better when we want them to and work together to make them happen.  Let’s work together.' "


In Avon Ward,

the Green Party candidate is

Colin Tether

Colin joined the Green Party in 2015.  Soon afterwards, he stood for election and became a Town Councillor for Twyford Ward.  For part of that term of office, he served as chair of the Evesham Town Plan Committee.


Colin says:  "I joined the Green Party as they are only party taking climate issues really seriously.  I want to do all I can to cut down pollution and to make people's lives, and our children's lives better.  This includes serious measures to reduce of use of cars, and offering attractive alternatives, walking, cycling and public transport.  Evesham at the moment is sadly a good example of a poor system with little provision for alternative transport and with daily delay, queues and pollution.  We can and must do better."

Colin is married and lives in Evesham with his wife and daughter.  He loves boats, running, and cycling.  He supports Cycle Evesham Vale, especially the monthly 'Social Rides'.  "There is really nothing better on a sunny day than a cycle ride through our wonderful countryside with a group of friends.  Everyone should try it as its makes us happy and healthy."



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