MAY 2021

Local Election


The Green Party has selected its Candidate for Evesham South in May’s County Council Elections.


He is Bob Rhodes, a member of the party for more than 30 years and longstanding campaigner on climate change and the nurturing of resilient, caring communities.


Often described as a ‘Social Entrepreneur’ – he was the Ernst and Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003 – Bob enjoys an international reputation as a leading thinker and practitioner on deinstitutionalisation and caring communities and speaks on Social Services for the Centre for Welfare Reform think tank.


His 2010 book, Much More to Life than Services, is widely regarded as a handbook for citizens and families who are ill-served by the marketized social care system, and policy makers and practitioners who yearn for sensible change.


A lifelong proponent of participative democracy, Bob believes that democracy is only realised when citizens take part in the life of their communities and the wider world. In his own life, Bob is a Fellow of the Centre Welfare Reform, a Non-Executive Director/Trustee of All Wales People First, an Associate of the Staff College, a Youth Work activist with NABGC, an FRSA, and Trustee/Adviser with several domestic and international NGO’s. He founded and Co-Directs LivesthroughFriends which works with organisations, groups, and individuals to realise our aspirations for a kinder, more interdependent, and sustainable society within which we can all make our contribution and be responsible citizens. 


Bob says, “On the County Council I’m going to be tenacious in promoting and fighting for services that nurture caring and resilient communities; and in holding the council to account, especially with regard to the biggest challenges we confront in climate change and the degrading of our ecosystem.”


Representing you in wychavon

The Mid-Worcestershire & the Vale Green Party nominate candidates for the Wychavon District and Parish Local Elections

The area is divided into 12 County Council Divisions,32 district Wards, and 109 parish wards.


Find your ward: Click here to view Election Boundary Maps (external link)





We can make a difference

Local Elections


While many voters only turn out for general elections, it is often the results of local elections that have the most significant effect on day-to-day life.


We believe that 'political balance' is a vital component of a strong local council. Lack of balance fails to represent the views and opinions of many of the region's residents. 

With your votes, we have started to change the balance of our local Town and District councils so that they better represent the many local people that are concerned with green issues in the region.





It’s been a really difficult year in many ways for so many! I have been helping in the community, but frustrated that I couldn’t start the process of knocking on doors and getting to know you all.


I am going to be working all year around what ever the result in May. I will be looking to get your feedback on local issues, tackling problems and helping to take your ideas forward for a better community for all.


I will be standing for protecting our Green Spaces, keeping the community litter-free and making our streets safer.


I will also be pushing our District and County Councils to seriously step up to the environmental challenges we face including reducing pollution and creating local green jobs to insulate homes, which will reduce people’s energy bills.



I'm really pleased to have been invited to stand for Ombersley, which reaches to Hanbury via Wychbold, in the upcoming County Council elections. Worcestershire needs better representation than the current Tory-led County Council. Have your say on Election Day & Vote Green on 6 May.



In May 2019 the residents of Evesham South ward kindly put their trust in me to represent them on Wychavon District council.


I can’t deny that becoming an effective councillor was a steep learning curve, however since election I have worked hard to respond to individual residents concerns as well as working to make the ward and district a better place to live.


Following a question raised by a resident I was successful in persuading Morrisons to install a bus shelter in Springfield Drive adjacent to their store.


The pandemic has changed some of my priorities, I’ve been pleased to be able to award £1000 of recovery funding, £500 of which went to Evesham Adventure Playground to support their bags of craft this February half term.


As well I’ve not only helped the Adventure Playground to obtain funding for 2 Bike Buses to be launched shortly but also helped a Food Bank raise £8500 of funding during the first lockdown in order to allow them to offer support to all in need.


The experience of being a district councillor has spurred me to stand as a County Council candidate in the Littleton Division as it has become clear to me over the last 2 years that some of the concerns of residents are in areas that are the responsibility of the County Council, such as roads, paths and social care, and my being a County Councillor means I can address these directly.



I joined the Green Party mid 2020, although I’ve been interested in green issues for many years and wish I’d joined sooner! The destruction caused during the pandemic, to people’s lives and businesses, spurred me on to make the decision to join and begin getting involved with my local party. I am currently responsible for managing web and social media for Mid-Worcestershire & Vale Greens.


I believe it is critical to focus on social and environmental justice, helping those in need and protecting nature. With the increasing threats caused by climate change and global warming, it’s also important for us to do what we can to ensure climate action. We need a green future!


This is my first candidacy and I’m delighted to be standing for Elmley & Somerville District. Elected Greens can make a difference!


Sarah Cohen

Group Coordinator

I believe it is important that the views of local people are represented in Wychavon.  This can be best achieved by a political diversity on the council allowing constructive debate leading to cooperative decisions.

Neil Franks

I want the people of Droitwich to  have the opportunity to vote for a candidate that will challenge the council to ensure that future decisions reverse the appalling lack of social mobility for many of our youngsters.

Ed Cohen

I lived and ran Robbins the bakers, in Port Street for 25 years and love the area. I came with my wife and daughter to Evesham as a great place for my family to thrive and grow – it soon grew to a second daughter! I have always been passionate about locally produced food and thriving independent businesses being at the heart of the town.

Darren Corbett

Communications Officer

 I believe strongly in the core priorities of the Green Party - protection of the environment, development of sustainable housing, creation of employment opportunities in the environmental and natural sector, better transport and local amenities for all, and am also of the opinion that nature, food-growing, and self-sufficiency should feature prominently within primary years education.

Sheila Grant

I believe it is important for people to have the opportunity to vote for a party that is concerned about the future of our communities at a local and global level.
The Green Party already holds the balance of power or is the official opposition in a number of West Midlands councils, and we need to enable to hold councillors in Wychavon to account over their policies and plans. 

Patrick Hogan

Strategy Coordinator



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