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The 2023 local elections, in May, saw the number of Green Party members of Wychavon District Council double from 3 to 6!


The re-elected Julie Tucker, Ed Cohen and Hannah Robson were joined by Judith Ciotti, Neil Franks and Nicola Morris.  

A time to celebrate.

Sadly, within a month, Ed died.  His funeral, at The Vale Crematorium on 26th June, was packed - standing room only. Family, friends, admirers - and councillors of all political parties - came to celebrate a life well lived; to honour a good man.

Eight days later, we met by Zoom to consider the by-election.  Who would be prepared to stand?  To everyone's surprise and relief, Peter Knight (who won a by-election to Evesham Town Council in October 2021, but did not stand for re-election in May) offered.  So, down to business.  The team was formed and the campaign was underway.

The by-election for a District Councillor in Evesham South Ward was held on 10th August.  The result was:

Vote: 706

Turn out: 15.97%

Green Party 319

Conservative Party 177

Independent (Haines) 82

Labour Party 79

Independent (Snape) 36

Liberal Democrat 12

We know the Green Party's standing in Evesham South is strong - thanks to the hard work and service of Julie and Ed - but we had feared that Labour and the Libdems would split the vote and let in the Tories.  As it is, we took 45% of the vote.  

Well done, team!

Thank you, voters!



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